Get Local: The Clarksdale Election Twofer

Twofer (n): Two articles available for the price of one or about the price of one.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Do you like voting? Do you enjoy walking into your local polling place, making a few selections on fancy touchscreens, and wondering if this will be the year that they hand out “I Voted” stickers?

Well I’ve got news for you, partna! August 6, 2019 is gonna be a HUGE DAY!

As you may know, August 6th is the day of our county and state party primaries. You’ll vote for people running for everything from the County Tax Assessor/Collector to Supervisors and Legislators, all the way Governor!

Oh, but that’s not all! There is also a CITY ELECTION taking place at the same time! Yes, if you live in Clarksdale, you will also get to vote for a city bond issue to fund infrastructure projects (a new bridge, flood control, etc…). It’s an election twofer!

What’s better than using one voting machine? Using TWO VOTING MACHINES!

What a bargain!

Granted, this election twofer will present some hurdles. For starters, unless you happen to vote in the same polling place for city and county/state elections, you’ll have to go to TWO polling places on Election Day. And whether you’re going to one polling place or two, exercising your hard-fought civic duty may take a little longer on August 6th.

With that in mind. Here are a few tips as you prepare for this rare-yet-exciting election twofer:

  • Plan Ahead. When do you usually go vote? Do you have to go to one polling place or two? Do you have enough time to go to two polling places, or will you need to split it up? Will you need a ride?
  • Vote early. No, Mississippi is still one of handful of states that doesn’t offer early voting. However, we do have several weeks of absentee voting (which I may-or-may-not use frequently). It’s ideal if you *think* you *might be* out of town on Election Day. They never ask why you might be gone, but I keep a few excuses in mind, just in case. #worktravel #zombies #B613mission
  • Know the Stakes. The city election will have some impact on your local property taxes, and most of statewide races (ex. Gov., Lt. Gov., Sec. of State) are contested primaries that will ultimately be decided in November. But nearly all the candidates for the local races (ex. Sheriff, Supervisor, State Senator) are running in the Democratic Primary. So the folks who win in August will be the folks who’ll serve in January.
  • Do Your Homework. While there isn’t much info available for local candidates (more on that later), there are great resources for learning about statewide candidates, such as the Voter Guide on the Mississippi Today website or Ballotpedia. As for the local candidates, be on the lookout for the numerous political forums that’ll be held over the next three weeks.

All twofers come with challenges. Did you really need that 2nd pizza? Election twofers are no different. But if you plan ahead, you can take full advantage of this unique opportunity.

Happy voting!

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