Get Local: You Should Watch the Republican Gubernatorial Debate

“There is much more to being a patriot and a citizen than reciting the pledge or raising the flag.”

Jesse “The Body” Venture, Former WWE Wrestler/Governor of Minnesota

While I’m counting down the days to the next 2-day Debate-A-Thon taking place next week with the Democratic presidential candidates, another important debate is taking place tonight!

At 7PM, the three candidates running in the Republican primary for Governor of Mississippi will meet in the only debate that will take place before the August 6th primary. The following candidates will be on stage (alphabetical order):

  • State Representative Robert Foster
  • Lt. Governor Tate Reeves
  • Fmr. State Supreme Court Chief Justice Bill Waller

[Aiming a healthy amount of side-eye at Democrats in Mississippi. Nine candidates filed to run, and we can’t have a single debate? Really?!?!?]

No matter how you plan to vote in November, it’s important to pay attention to this debate. For starters, there’s at least a decent chance that one of the men on stage will be the next Governor of Mississippi. This is one of the few chances we’ll get to find out how they plan to address important issues.

I’m particularly interested in hearing their plans to…

  • Make our school funding formula more equitable
  • Expand health care coverage to more Mississippians (with or without expanding Medicaid).
  • Raising the funds to fix the many many many bridges in Mississippi that have been closed and are in need of repairs.

The debate can be seen online on the WJTV Website, though several markets have agreed to carry it.

In the name of full disclosure, I won’t be watching the debate tonight because Amanda and I have Hamilton tickets. But I PROMISE that I’ll watch it tomorrow and share my thoughts.

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