30 Day Challenge: Daily Log

In the name of public accountability, I’m using this page to keep track of my actions during the 30 Day Challenge. I’ll update this post each day with my new actions. #30Days

So here’s what I’ve been up to…

Day 1 (July 8): Bringing back #MelaninMonday (est. 2018) by donating to Brandon Rue, a young brother at Southern Miss who’s running for MS House District 102 (Hattiesburg).

Day 2 (July 9): Made a donation to Kathryn York, a good friend of mine who’s running for MS Senate District 8 (Water Valley, Houston, Okolona). I owe her some volunteer days too!

Day 3 (July 10): Spent two hours recruiting poll workers for the August 6 city bond issue election. Fun Fact: I’m on my city’s Election Commission! Registered voters in Clarksdale who are interested in being a paid poll worker should complete this Poll Worker Interest Form!

Day 4 (July 11): Did more poll worker crootin’ and attended a meeting of the city and county elections commissions to figure out how we’ll hold separate elections in the same polling place (more on that later).

Day 5 (July 12): Signed up to phone bank this weekend for Kathryn York (Candidate for State Senate).

Day 6 (July 13): Donated to Shanda Yates, a candidate for House District 64.

Day 7 (July 14): Recruiting city poll workers by reaching out to retired teachers, local fraternities, and local sororities. We’re hoping to hit our target this week, so let me know if you know anyone.

Day 8 (July 15): On this Melanin Monday, I donated to Marcus Williams, a candidate for MS Senate District 26 (Jackson). I also recruited 4 new poll workers from the local chapter of Zeta Phi Beta!

Day 9 (July 16): Malcolm Johnson, a candidate for Hinds County Supervisor, reportedly stated that being a Supervisor is “a man’s job“. I’m mailing a donation to his female opponent, Patty Patterson, at P.O. Box 10804, Jackson, MS, 39289.

Day 10 (July 17): Mailed off a donation to Patty Patterson, the female candidate for Hinds County Supervisor who’s running against this fool. I also created a blog post about Clarksdale’s Election Twofer.

Day 11 (July 18): I had something planned today, but I saw Amanda Edwards’s video to announce her U.S. Senate run in Texas, and I said, “Cancel everything and send her a donation!”

Day 12 (July 19): Staring at a July 23rd deadline, I did a lot of poll worker recruiting today.

Day 13 (July 20): Donated to Ryan Brown, candidate for Public Service Commissioner (Central District).

Day 14 (July 21): Spending my Sunday night watching MLS Soccer and researching County Supervisor candidates.

Day 15 (July 22): On a late night Melanin Monday, I donated to Sen. Willie Simmons, a candidate for Transportation Commissioner (Central District).

Day 16 (July 23): Matched the list of city poll workers to the voter file, called aspiring workers with address issues, and worked with the commission to assign poll workers to one of our four polling places.

Day 17 (July 24): Watching a recording of the Mississippi Republican Gubernatorial Debate.

Day 18 (July 25): Attended the Coahoma County Democratic Party’s “Beans and Greens” Banquet. (Note: There were green beans, so I guess that counts).

Day 19 (July 26): Finalized the poll worker list and published a blog post about the Republican Gubernatorial Debate.

Day 20 (July 27): Made phone calls for Kathryn York, candidate for MS State Senate District 8. Don’t forget to add notes as you make calls!

Day 21 (July 28): Reading up on the Democratic candidates for Governor before bedtime. 🙂

Day 22 (July 29): It’s Melanin Monday, and I donated to Jennifer Riley-Collins, a candidate for MS Attorney General. I also found someone to take my place driving voters to the polls on August 6th!

Day 23 (July 30): Listening to the Democratic Presidential Debate while at my first born’s gymnastics practice.

Day 24 (July 31): Watched the second night of the Democratic Presidential Debate.

Day 25 (August 1): Helped to facilitate a poll worker training with the city clerk and the elections commission. We had 29 poll workers!

Day 26 (August 2): Updated a big ol’ spreadsheet with the polling place and position for each poll worker for Tuesday. I also created a flow chart!

Day 27 (August 3): Voted absentee in the Democratic Party Primary for county offices, legislative seats, and statewide candidates.

Day 28 (August 4): In light of the recent mass shootings, I made donations to March for Our Lives and The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES).

Day 29 (August 5): Dedicated my final Melanin Monday to the Black women in Clarksdale who made up well over 90% of the poll workers we recruited for the Special Election. I also helped to pack ballot boxes for the following day.

Day 30 (August 6th): ELECTION DAY! I set up our two voting machines all by myself! I also delivered bottles of water to several polling places, resolved a few conflicts, counted absentee ballots, and many other Election Day activities.

Day 31 BONUS (August 7th): Reviewed affidavit ballots, and added eligible votes to our final totals. The bond issue was ultimately approved by 66%.

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