Shoot Your Shot 2020: South Carolina’s Shrimp & Grits

“This primary…will be chocolate…at the end of the day.”

– Anonymous (in a pretty good Ray Nagin voice)

The following conversation took place at a recent cookout:

“Good Lord! What’s that smell!?!?”

“Smells good, doesn’t it? South Carolina brought a big pot of Shrimp & Grits!”

“Oh man! After spending that time in Iowa and New Hampshire, it’s good to finally receive a dish with appropriate amounts of salt and pepper!”

“Yeah, we’ve finally made it to to the Seasoned Primaries. We should be well-fed over the next few weeks.”

“So is it true that this dish has Uncle Joe’s name on it?”

“Well, if you peek into the dining room, you’ll see Uncle Joe wearing a big Palmetto State bib. And if you look closely, you’ll notice that it was signed by Jim Clyburn. So yeah, I think he’s got a very good chance of winning this one.”

“And if he does manage to lose this one?”

“Then he’s done. I’d meet him at the door with his sammich. I might pour him some Brown in a plastic to-go cup.”

“Got it. I guess the big question is who ends up in 2nd place? I’d assume that Bernie would get it, but what about…uh…oh, what’s his name? Dude with one necktie.”

“Tom Steyer?”

“Ahhhh that’s right! Yeah, he might have a shot after all the money he’s spending.”

“Nah, I think he may be close to picking up the most expensive sammich we’ve ever handed out.”

“So far. Don’t forget about the dude with the fancy mahogany chair. By the way, where’s his chandelier?”

“Yeah man, she took it. And he didn’t say a word about it.”

“You didn’t hear?!? Elizabeth Warren took it down and installed it over her chair at The Big Table!”

” Well damn…”

“Yep, things are getting pretty intense around here.”

“Well just wait until next week?”

“What happens next week?”

[To Be Continued…]

Cover Photo: Shutterstock 293470037; Insert Image

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