Shoot Your Shot 2020: Post-Thanksgiving Seating Chart

Where do you even go to buy a fancy chair like that?

– Anonymous

The following conversation was overheard at a recent cookout…

“These sammiches have been flying off the table recently! Looks like folks had some long conversations with their families over the holidays.”

“Yeah, we’ve lost a couple of folks recently. I expected Bullock because he hasn’t qualified for a debate in a while.”

“And I didn’t expect Sestak because, real talk, I actually forgot he was here!”

“RIGHT!??! I think he’s been hanging out in the laundry room this whole time and we simply forgot about him.”

“And then…we lost Kamala.”

“*Sigh* I’m really gonna miss Claire Huxtable, though I think we’ll be seeing her around. It wouldn’t shock me to see her riding shotgun once we pick a winner.”

“It’s really sad to see so few women at our dinner. We started off with so many, and now we’re down to two!”

“Wait, aren’t there four remaining?”

“I said what I said.”

“HAHAHA! Gotcha”.

“So this leaves us with an open seat at The Big Table. Remind me who’s there right now?”

“We’ve got Warren, Uncle Joe, Mayor Pete, Castro, and Klobuchar.”

“Then I think it’s time to bring Cory Booker back to The Big Table. We almost added him last time but went with Amy Klobuchar instead.”

“He better step up, but I’ll let him know. Where does that leave us at the The Other Table?”

“Now that Brother Bernie has recovered, we can move him back to the table. Still ain’t studdin’ him though.”

“Andrew Yang is there as well. How would you feel about leaving it there for now? I’m not sure there’s anyone else who has any shot at The Big Table. And I’m sure that the two of them would have a lot to talk about.”

“Great idea! We can can move someone up once they prove themselves.”

“Agreed. And what about the Sammich Circle?”

“Yes, we’ve got Marianne, Jon Dulaney, Tim Ryan, Michael Bennett, Tom Steyer, and Tulsi’s ol’ messy self.”

“Don’t forget about Deval Patrick! Oh, and Bloomberg, with his fancy mahogany chair!”

The “Actual” Hall of Justice (DC Comics)

“So I have an idea for them. Both of these dudes entered the race almost a year late in order to…SAVE THE DAY! Duhn duhnduhn duuuuuuhn! Well, I think we should move our late crusaders to the hallway. We can call it…wait for it…The Other Hall of Justice!”

“I love it! Is there room in the hallway for that big ol’ fancy mahogany chair though?”

“I think so, if we move the hamper.”

“Sounds cool. I think we’re all set now.”

“This might be the last time we have six seats at The Big Table. We might have to (or get to) take the leaf out and move down to four seats before Christmas. We’ll see what happens in the weeks ahead!”

[Side Note: If you looked at the Hall of Justice picture and thought Superfriends instead of The Justice League, have you already scheduled your annual physical exam?]

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