Shoot Your Shot 2020: Reflections from Another Debate

If you love me (Say it!). If you trust me (Do it!). If you want me (Show it!). If you need me (Prove it!).

“If You Love Me” by Brownstone

First off, I must give a shoutout to my two munchkins for being team players Wednesday night. My oldest munchkin got herself ready for bed, and showed real big sister leadership in helping the littlest munchkin get ready as well. They’re the real MVP’s.

I’d also like to thank Cable One – excuse me, Sparklight – for making it possible for me to keep up with hours on hours on hours of impeachment hearings AND the Democratic Debate. I don’t always have the best relationship with my local cable/internet provider (see previous comments about their ongoing beef with Viacom), but they came through for me on Wednesday. Thanks guys!

Despite the fact that I think that there are still way too many candidates remaining in this race, and I’m desperately ready to get to Countin’ Season, I watched the whole debate.

Here are my observations:

It’s Not Easy being Green

Picture of Kermit, shot in Kenya

I read a post about Mayor Pete running to be the younger Biden in the moderate lane and it’s just too perfect! I may start calling him “Son of Bidenator” now. But his lack of support among Black voters is a serious issue. I wouldn’t be surprised if homophobia had some impact on his levels of support, but I think his biggest issue is that some people aren’t feeling a candidate who’s so young and taking the leap from small city mayor to President. Perhaps he’s too green for some voters.

“Hey now, people said that Trump was pretty green when he decided to run.”

“Do you think that helps your argument?”

You Need More People.

Biden had his stumbles tonight (Punching?!!? Bruh…), but he was spot-on about the need to win the Senate. I heard candidates make a lot of promises Wednesday night (wealth tax, Medicare for All, Freedom Dividend, etc…). I constantly found myself thinking, “you won’t be able to do any of that if Mitch McConnell is still the Senate Majority Leader. I don’t even think you’d get paid leave through his Senate.

Moving ahead, we not only need to look for a candidate who can win in November, but we also need one who can build enough enthusiasm to produce Democratic wins in Senate races. That’s the only way these candidates are gonna be able to do any of this stuff!

Sit down.

Just wanted to point out that ain’t nobody studdin’ Tulsi.

I Noticed (And So Did You).

I was impressed with Amy Klobuchar’s debate performance. The only issue I had was that her hair would always shake when she spoke, which made it look like she was shaking when she spoke. I could almost hear an auntie in the audience wondering out loud, “Why you shaking, baby? Are you cold?”

That said, the real “I’m judging your appearance” observation goes to Tom Steyer, who insists on wearing that necktie that makes him look like the manager at a Heilig-Meyer’s Furniture Store. I wouldn’t be mad if he dropped out and started selling sofa sectionals.

Booker Biden Burns, Vol. II

During the last debate, Cory Booker responded to a Biden hit by saying, “You’re dipping in the Kool-Aid and you don’t even know the flavor.” While the delivery had “well-funded, suburban school district” written all over it, it still landed.

This time, however, Cory hit Biden’s skepticism regarding marijuana legalization by saying, “I thought you might’ve been high when you said it.”

Well damn.

You Say You Love Me

There were several good responses to a question about Black voters being taken for granted by the Democratic Party. I especially liked Kamala’s response about Black women often being called upon to save the day for Democratic candidates, yet they’re often overlooked when it’s time to recruit and support new candidates. It’s true at every level of politics and it must change.

Yes, Mississippi. I’m looking right at you.

Adventures in Matchmaking

It was impossible to look at that stage full of candidates without thinking about who’d be a good running mate for each candidate. I’ve always thought that Biden/Harris would be a strong ticket, but who’d be the best running mate for Kamala Harris?

Would Warren choose Cory Booker? Or would she choose Amy Klobuchar? Would American voters accept that much nonwhitedudeness on a presidential ticket, or would each nonwhitedude candidate feel pushed to select…a white dude?

We’re less than a month away from the next Democratic Debate, which will take place on December 19th in Los Angeles. Currently, only six candidates have qualified for that debate. Most importantly, we’re 73 days from the start of Countin’ Season, which will officially kickoff with the Iowa Caucus.

Maybe then we’ll start passing out a few more to-go sammiches.

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