Just Do the Thing!

It’s finally happening.

For months, I’ve been talking about creating a blog where I can talk about policy/politics, Mississippi (especially the Delta), delicious plates of food, and a few other random things that come to mind from time to time. There have been several moments where I’ve given this idea serious thought, and there have been several moments where I’ve talked myself out of doing it until “later”.

Over the years, I’ve learned that in my most courageous moments, I made the choice to just dive in and make it happen. The decision to apply for Teach for America, invite Amanda to dinner, and run for public office all followed me essentially saying, “**** it, let’s just do it!” There might be some stumbles along the way, but I’ll figure it out and end up doing something that I’m ultimately proud of.

So this is me diving in. I can’t say for sure what this blog will ultimately become. I’ll write some posts, I’ll do some videos, and I’ll use this as a platform to bring up issues and people that are important to me. If I took the time to plan out every single detail of this site, I’d still be in the “planning phase” while eating Thanksgiving dinner.

Thank you for joining me on this new adventure!

Just do the thing! — Sara Miller Loe


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